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Why Join The Gragert Lab?


Make A Difference: We do applied research.

The bioinformatics tools and data developed by The Gragert Lab are used in operational systems to inform clinical decision making for HLA matching in transplantation. We collaborate directly with the nonprofit organizations that operate the national bone marrow registry for unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (National Marrow Donor Program / Be The Match) and the national system for solid organ allocation (United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)). Become proficient in modern tools for bioinformatics software development: Unix Shell Scripting, GitHub Version Control, Python Programming, R Statistics, and the Django Web Framework. Learn research skills and domain knowledge in the areas of Bioinformatics, Population Genetics, Histocompatibility and Transplantation Biostatistics, and Machine Learning. Prepare yourself to pursue the career path you desire. Dr. Gragert has experience working for large private companies, mid-size nonprofits, small startups, and now in academia.


Graduate Students

We are seeking Masters or Doctoral students who are interested in bioinformatics, immunology, population genetics, statistics, and/or computer science to join the lab. Prospective students should apply to the Tulane Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. Students who are currently enrolled in a Tulane graduate program are encouraged to email Dr. Gragert to schedule a rotation in their first or second year. For further information, please email Dr. Gragert with a CV and a cover letter describing why you are interested in our research.


Undergraduate Students

Sorry, we are currently not seeking undergraduate students. 


 Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

Sorry, we are not actively seeking postdoctoral fellows or research assistants at this time. Stay tuned!